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Honor. Integrity. Truth. Character.

Do I Qualify?

Qualifications To Be A Freemason

  • Members must be men, at least 18 years of age and of good moral character.

  • Freemasonry is not a religion. It only requires that its members believe in a Supreme Being.

  • Discussing politics or religion is forbidden in Lodge.

  • There is no national governing body for Freemasonry in the United States. Each jurisdiction governs itself independently.

  • Members pay a one-time initiation fee and annual dues that vary by Lodge.


By joining Freemasonry, you’ll be making a commitment to yourself and to your Brother Masons to be the best man you can be. And by taking the obligations of this ancient Fraternity, you will be joining millions of Freemasons across the globe who are also committed to helping each other develop their potential and improve the quality of life for themselves, their families, and communities.

By joining, you will become the latest in a long line of men from all walks of life – world leaders and everyday men – who have found inspiration in Freemasonry, and who strive to live by the values of honor, integrity, equality and brotherhood.

When you become a Mason, you join a lodge, which can be thought of as the local chapter or club of the larger organization, the Grand Lodge. The name goes back hundreds of years, to when all Masons were  taught, “A Lodge is a place where members assemble and work.” That idea still holds true today, and we talk about joining “the Lodge.”

from grand lodge of Ohio


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